SOMEJETTE is the pseudonym of 23 year old Italian photographer Martina Cavinato. Currently studying visual arts at IUAV University in Venice, a life-long love of photography is now expanding in to video art and performance. “In this series entitled ‘Youth’, I wanted to question the struggles of growing up, the feeling of not being right […]

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Freaks by Federica Bernardi

Federica Bernardi is an Italian photographer whose passion for the medium began while photographing concerts in which her boyfriend was performing. Photography became a way for her to build relationships with other girls, something that she had previously found difficult and that had always felt superficial. This process evolved in to a new way of […]

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Clare Marie Bailey

Our newest interview is with UK-based photographer Clare Marie Bailey who specialises in analogue self-portraiture. Working predominantly with instant and 35mm films, Clare creates cinematic tableaux in which she is both photographer and star of the show. Enjoy… Tell us a bit about yourself and who or what got you first interested in photography. I […]

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Sergey Berezyuk

Sergey Berezyuk is a 26 year old analogue photographer and artist from Minsk, Belarus. His film work uses multiple exposure techniques to create dreamlike portraits and landscapes. “It’s something about dreams and music, about youth and the beauty around, about sincerity and space, about loneliness and self-flagellation, about love and passion, about insecurity and invisible […]

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The Centre of Spare-time Activities by Benjamin Le Brun

This ever-so-slightly surreal series comes from French photographer Benjamin Le Brun. With a background in Urban Planning, it is no surprise that the ever-expanding shopping mall is a source of fascination for Benjamin. They are no longer just a collection of shops, but now aim to attract and cling on to their customers with all […]

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Folio: Kala Barba-Court

Kala Barba-Court was born in the Philippines and now lives and works in Moscow, Russia. A freelance interior photographer by profession, Kala enjoys the process of slowing things down for her personal projects, preferring to shoot in analogue format. Kala is editor of and and regularly contributes to “I move countries a […]

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Folio: Izzy Trott

Izzy Trott is a photographer and writer based in Manchester in the UK. Izzy grew up in the rural south west of England before moving to the industrial city of Manchester in the north west. Shifting between these two extremes and observing their opposing paces of life has greatly informed her photography. I am featuring […]

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Folio: Ildiko with Plants by Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil

Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil is an artist born in Paris, now living and working in Montreal. She is versed in cinema, philosophy and the history of art and previously worked in the Musée d’Orsay before devoting herself to photography and photographic post-production. Female portraiture and nature photography represent a large part of Anne-Claire’s work; in […]

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Folio: Yai Deng

Yai Deng is a nineteen year old emerging photographer and filmmaker whose family fled from civil war in South Sudan and emigrated to Texas where he was born. He is currently studying filmmaking at college in Connecticut, the influences of which definitely lend a very cinematic and surreal style to his photography. “I come from […]

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Editorial: Vacuum by Federica Lampone & Giorgia Marcucci

Vacuum by Federica Lampone & Giorgia Marcucci A FEELING OF GREAT SPIRITUAL ANGUISH, OFTEN WITHOUT A SPECIFIC CAUSE, A DESIRE WITHOUT AN OBJECT. INNER PAIN AND MELANCHOLY, VAGUE RESTLESSNESS AND SENSE OF NOSTALGIA. Credits Photographers: Federica Lampone | Instagram & Giorgia Marcucci | Instagram Model: Nicolò Santi | Instagram Stylist: Matteo Fagiolo | / […]

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Folio: The Beauty of Decay by Michael Schwan

Michael Schwan is a photographer working in Freiberg, Germany. Michael has been involved with photography for many years and, today, specialises in fine-art landscape photography and urban exploration. A particular passion is to visit and document abandoned places – the search for suitable locations leading him across the length and breadth of Europe. Enjoy… See […]

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Folio: One Side Will Have To Go by David Mondedeu

David Mondedeu was born in Houston, Texas and now lives and works in Madrid, Spain. David specialises in creating polymer photogravures, a beautiful technique that we talk about in David’s featured folio from earlier this year. David’s recent project, One Side Will Have To Go, is an artist book, consisting of fifteen polymer photogravures printed […]

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Folio: Anne Nobels

Anne Nobels was born in South-Africa but now lives and works in a secluded and very quiet part of the Netherlands called Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. In February 2016, Anne graduated from the Fontys College for the Arts in Tilburg; she went there thinking she would become a painter, but the attraction to photography became stronger every year. […]

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Folio: Behind, between, below, against, in front of me by Asta Cink

Asta Cink is an artist from Vienna, Austria. For this featured folio, I am running images from Asta’s recent series ‘Behind, between, below, against, in front of me’. “Coming from a performing arts background, I use my body as a tool, constantly questioning myself and my own self-perception. This process in turn throws the question […]

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Editorial: Māyā by Federica Lampone and Giorgia Marcucci

Federica Lampone and Giorgia Marcucci are two young Italian photographers. They met at the Nuovo Istituto Design, where they studied photography for three years with various experts in the field including Vincent Urbani, Emilio Tini, Giorgia Benazzo and Stephanie Winger. They share a passion for fashion photography, art and cinema. Māyā is a project that […]

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