Emerging: Autumn Battista

Autumn Battista is an emerging photographer from Boston, MA whose work is currently gaining a lot of attention across photography communities such as VSCO and GuruShots; the series of images we are presenting here definitely shows why…

Tell us a little bit about yourself; how long have you been shooting and what first inspired you to pick up a camera?
As a kid I always loved photography; I cost my parents a fortune with disposable cameras. Up until recently it was never more than a hobby. I’ve been shooting for just shy of a year; my obsession with the details of life is what inspired me to first pick up a camera. One night in the summer, I took photos of my friend and she took photos of me – we focused on under-appreciated details of the teenage female body, collar bones, eyes and thighs. We uploaded the images of ourselves side by side onto Tumblr and called it “Body Comparisons”; my wonky collar bones next to her symmetrical ones and her dainty eyes next to my wide eyed ones. The post got quite a bit of attention, it opened my eyes and sparked my creativity. I realized that I can inspire people with my images and I can make people notice the beautiful details in life that so often go unnoticed.

I am influenced by raw, chaotic, silly, brave people.

Who or what are your biggest influences when it comes to photography?
My biggest influences are people and their personalities. When I am photographing a model, I want a certain level of their emotion to be transparent in the shots. I am influenced by raw, chaotic, silly, brave people. I am always taken aback by the way models immediately either smile or stare devastatingly into my lens; it’s beautiful. I also have recently felt my work becoming influenced by paintings. I like the idea of creating a digital portrait that can connect to artwork from the past. Whether it be recreating poses from a painting at the MFA or just editing to create more depth in my work, I want it to look tangible – like a painting on the wall.

How would you define your style?
I would define my style as very fluid. To be honest, I sometimes surprise myself with the final product of my shoots; my style can go from really eerie and dark to very lighthearted and warm. I like to primarily focus on “alternative” tattooed models and women of many ethnicities. I also love shooting boudoir/lingerie style. I believe that change is important, I don’t want to put myself in a box and label it as my style because I feel I would be limiting myself from taking on future opportunities or ideas.

Life brings you places you would never expect, I guess that’s where I want to find myself in the future.

Where do you see your photography taking you next? Do you have a five year plan?
People tell me I’m crazy because I’m nineteen years old but I have a lot of ideas and plans. Photography is bringing me down a path that I never noticed. I see myself continuing to discover more models and take on more creative shoots and new series. I am also working on creating a photobook that should be released by the spring of 2016. Next, I plan to continue shooting, learning and gaining experience. I would like to make photography my career because it is what I have found my passion in. In five years, I want to be traveling and working with models around the world. I have big ideas, big plans and I want to get to know everyone else who shares this passion with me. Life brings you places you would never expect, I guess that’s where I want to find myself in the future.

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