Jack Munsch is a filmmaker based in London who discovered his passion for analog photography whilst shooting music videos. Here we are featuring a series of Jack’s still photographs all shot on film stock. Make sure you also check out the link below to Jack’s film and music video work – you will not be disappointed…

CNV00006 edit

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you first got started in photography and where you draw your inspiration from.
I’ll keep my bio brief; I’m primarily a filmmaker. I love pizza. Shooting stills was a natural progression for me. I bought a dSLR so I could shoot and direct music videos for up-and-coming artists and took random pictures every now and again but there was no direction. I wanted to start taking it more seriously and so last summer I bought a 35mm camera with the aim to start fresh and shoot more. I fell in love with film immediately and it has completely changed my photographic process, digital & 35mm.
I’m inspired by cinema and music; as a music video director you can’t help but see stories when listening to music or hearing a score that would fit perfectly to a particular image. I’ve only recently began to actually consider the narrative aspect of photography when shooting portraits though. It has always existed but now I’m starting to think about where I can take it.

I fell in love with film immediately and it has completely changed my photographic process, digital & 35mm.

How would you define your style and what do you want your work to say to the viewer?
I think it is way too early for me to have a style. Cinema has a subconscious effect on me which I hope translates into the final image but I hope to continue learning and experimenting.

You are a film maker as well as a photographer; does cinematography have an influence on your photographic work and vice versa?
100%. I’ve already mentioned the subconscious effect but sometimes I wonder how much it effects me. I’m a massive Kubrick and Wes Anderson fanboy, so symmetry and one-point perspective has played a big part of my compositional choices however, since I’ve realised that, I try to experiment more with framing which has transferred back to my filmmaking.

Trying new things builds confidence and you can draw from all those experiences when nothing else is working.

Are you a believer in meticulous preparation or in spontaneity during a shoot?
It depends on the shoot. I like to have some ideas prepared but the best photos can come from improvisation. You need to be prepared for the ideas you had to fail. I have spent entire shoot days walking around with the subject searching for interesting locations and shooting what feels right with no prep. That’s what I like to do; I think it’s the best way to learn. Trying new things builds confidence and you can draw from all those experiences when nothing else is working.

What has been the best piece of advice given to you about your photography?
Shoot more. Its simple but I think its one rule that’s fool-proof.

Where do you see your photography and filmmaking taking you next?
I have some ideas about merging photography, film and music that by writing this here I’m using as a contract to myself. I have so many ideas for music videos that may never be made due to budget, so I’ve been wanting to try a project where I tell those narratives loosely through photographs. I would like to exhibit them with a soundtrack at some point but for now I’ll just focus on making the images a reality.

See more of Jack’s work at:

Website / Instagram / Vimeo

All images copyright Jack Munsch.




CNV00014 EDIT1


CNV00022 2









CNV00047 edit





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