Interview with: Michael Taborsky

Michael Taborsky is a fashion & beauty photographer based in Vienna who recently took some time out to reflect on what it is that he loves about photography – something that I can relate to – as I am sure many of us can. This continual self-assessment is essential for all creatives particularly when you come back reinvigorated and stronger than before…

Model: Nina Gutenthaler

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first got started in photography.
I’m currently 28 and living in Vienna but spend quite a bit of time in Hamburg, Milan and New York. Besides shooting as often as possible, I’m doing my Masters degree in communications and working in corporate communications, mostly Social Media and Public Relations.
How I started photography? My mom got me hooked. She always shot Polaroids and other film formats. After shooting for a few years, I became a concert photographer and shot some big shows, festivals and other live events. Later I focused on portraits and fashion and tried all kinds of directions. After wanting to quit last year, I decided to go for what makes the most sense to me and, of course, that I have the most fun doing. That is mostly shooting film and not sitting at home, editing the crap out of every picture.

After wanting to quit last year, I decided to go for what makes the most sense to me and, of course, that I have the most fun doing.

How would you define your photographic style?
Depends if you mean the style I want my final pictures to look like or the style I’m going to shoot. I think my pictures show my desire to picture strong, modern women and also my understanding of beauty. On the other hand, it’s also how I shoot; I think photography is more than clicking the shutter and being amazed by someone or something. It’s that thing between me and my subject; the connection we have during that time together, whether it be just relaxing in the sun or talking about life, politics or whatever it may be. Then photography is simply the reminder of that very moment we were in together.

Who or what are your main sources of inspiration?
Anybody and everybody. The world around me.

What has been the high point of your photography career to date?
I actually wouldn’t pick something specific as so many things made me cheer. I’d say, in no particular order, my first editorial which was published by Papercut Magazine, the first time a designer trusted me to lend some pieces for a shoot (Magdalena Auff) or the first time a young photographer asked me if she could do an internship at my studio as she had loved my work since she had started taking pictures. Also the fact that some people were not just strangers to work with but have stayed in my life and become close friends – here in Vienna and also in Hamburg, New York and Milan.

Where do you want your photography to take you next?
If it has to be a place, I’d say New York or Milan. Those cities were so influential for my understanding of photography that I would love to go back and stay there for some time. But without a specific goal for a place… I would say just staying on this wonderful journey with so many great people.

Are you currently working on any new projects that you can tell us about?
I’m preparing a charity project for refugees in Austria which should raise awareness for their stories and collect at least some money to help but I can’t say anything specific yet as the project is too vague at the moment.

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Model: Michelle Müller @ Body & Soul, H&MU: Katja Rashkoff


Model: Victoria Karner @ AMT Vienna, Styling: Jules Setla, H&MU: Nadine Mayerhofer



Model: Helena Grünsteidl @ AMT Vienna



Model: Nina Gutenthaler


Model: Floriane Hofbauer @ Next Company, H&MU / Styling: Nadine Mayerhofer


Model: Devon Owens @ Ford Models NYC, Styling: Shuanne Cappel, H&MU: Yuii Vision



Model: Nathalia Novaes @ Elite NYC, Styling: Kasandra Nicole, H&MU: Nicole V. C. Blackman
Model: Asia Hairston @ Ford Models NYC, Styling: Schuanne Cappel, H&MU: Stephanie Meyers


Model: Irina Shipunova @ Elite NYC, Styling: Schuanne Cappel, H&MU: Stephanie Meyers