Emerging: Brionna Burke

Brionna Burke is a Massachusetts-based emerging photographer specialising in fashion and portrait photography. For this series we are featuring some of Brionna’s recent boudoir photography.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first got started in photography.
My name is Brionna Burke, I’m 24 years old, and photography has been my passion for almost 10 years. I grew up with a learning disability; taking pictures was my first outlet, and to this day photography remains my favorite means of expressing myself. I’m equally at home shooting in nature and indoors, using natural light in both settings to create an intimate feel.

Who or what are your main sources of inspiration?
There are many artists who inspire me. My favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz. She is very influential, and I love her creativity. I follow many artists online; I have been interested in Dani Diamond lately – he has an amazing way of connecting with his camera as well as the models.

What has been the high point of your photography career so far?
So far my high point has definitely been getting an apartment that allows me to do some beautiful indoor work, particularly boudoir. It’s an old Victorian house with a lot of character and window light for a natural look.

What has been the best piece of photography advice that you have been given?
Having the best equipment doesn’t mean you’re the best photographer. You can make art no matter what you have. I’ve always been told to keep it simple; you don’t have to break the bank to measure up.

What is next for you – are you currently working on any photographic projects that you can tell us about?
I want to do more high fashion imagery and boudoir, and I currently have a city-themed project in the works. As far as the future goes, I hope to work with agencies and create art as part of a team. My plan is to follow my passion and constantly keep learning.

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