Interview with: Clément Decoster

Clément Decoster is a freelance photographer based between Lille, Paris and Brussels. The feature we are running here is a recent story that Clément shot in the apartment of the beautiful Sophie Bal. Enjoy…


Tell us about yourself; how did you first become interested in photography?
In 2007, I was in art school in Belgium and, at first, I didn’t even like photography. It was only after I graduated and I came back to France in 2010, that I realised I really liked photography. I started with my father’s camera taking pictures of friends for fun during my Urbex (urban exploration) sessions. I was given some very positive feedback about the quality of my pictures and so I decided to take photography more seriously.
I discovered international photographers whose work inspired and suited me. I started by shooting new faces from model agencies in my region, then fashion designers and new brands – whether it was street wear, lifestyle or accessories for men. From a simple hobby, it became a passion and now it has been my job for almost four years!

How would you define your style?
I would say that my style is something fresh, fun, natural and sexy. I tend to be more inspired by girls however, with boys, I really like those who have tattoos and with atypical faces – but sadly it’s rather rare…

Which has been your most memorable photoshoot so far?
The photoshoot that struck me the most was the collab I did in 2013 with students of Esmod Roubaix, a fashion design school. It was a collaboration with five students; we used the bustiers they had made on five models who each wore a mask of a Disney character. This series, called Disney Mania, is my favourite and it’s the most original shoot I have ever done!


Tell us about your series that we are featuring here with the model Sophie Bal; what was the inspiration behind this shoot?
We wanted to work on a very fresh and natural series with Sophie. She had never done one like this for her book. She has an awesome apartment with great lighting. We had a lot of fun!

What is next for you?
Now that May has started, I’ve begun to work with fashion school Esmod Roubaix and their 3rd year students. As part of their course, they have to realize new collections. I have four lookbooks to shoot this month and a very busy summer is coming for shooting new collections.
Other than that, I would like to work more with model agencies, improve my English and then why not leave France for England for few months?!

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