Emerging: Mitch Hill

Mitch Hill is an emerging photographer based in Melbourne whose images have a beautiful sincerity to them that I really love. This is a guy with the desire to see the world and the passion to document it. Enjoy…

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in photography.
I’m just a regular day-to-day kind of dude who just wants to explore every inch of the earth. Photography was something that snuck up on me and turned out to be something I really love. Some close friends started shooting seriously and I guess it kind of peaked my interest, so I picked up an old cheap Olympus film camera & started shooting and didn’t really look back. Soon after that I started getting into the visual side of things and relied on my iPhone a bunch until I realised I should probably invest in some decent gear.

Your photography seems to be very much a visual diary – what inspires and motivates you to pick up your camera and capture an image?
I’m glad you say that because that’s really how I want my photography to be viewed. I feel like this will be a really cliched answer but the thing that inspires and motivates me to shoot the most is this overwhelming urge to capture those fleeting moments. I feel like a photo can tell a story better than any words can and I can only hope my work does that. It’s funny how hard I found it at one point to bring myself to go out and just shoot and to appreciate that it takes time to learn your own craft, how you like to shoot and to figure out what vibe/story you want to give off/tell. You gotta do you.

Travel is a fairly consistent theme in your work; where would be your dream destination to go adventuring with your camera?
I wish I could spend every second of my life travelling and shooting (who wouldn’t?). I was lucky enough to spend Xmas/New Year in NYC and it was beyond amazing. My dream destination to get to with my camera would definitely be Iceland. Even the worst photos I’ve seen taken there still do the place justice; hopefully I will get there in the near future. I’m currently planning on getting to Japan early next year and hopefully will get to New Zealand (more than once) next year. Follow up dream destinations obviously include NZ, Pacific Northwest USA/Canada & Switzerland. Just give me pretty mountains to shoot.

Which single image are you most proud of and why?
That’s probably a question that is almost unanswerable for me. I love so many things about each photo I’ve taken, but the image I’m most proud of would probably be a photo I took on the observation deck at One World Trade on my recent trip to NYC. Every element pieced together so perfectly in this multiple exposure. The sunset was magical, I was travelling for the first time overseas with someone I love more than anything, in a city I only dreamed of and this shot just summed it all up for me.

What is next for you? Are you working on any projects that you can tell us about?
More adventures! Hopefully a lot more. I have no plans in particular besides that; I’m working on getting a website up and running for my photography. I just want to keep adding to my visual diary and capture the best images I possibly can. My ultimate goal is to invoke a calming, familiar feeling with each image, that inspires people and even myself to go out and experience things and explore. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life and so easy to forget there is more to life than just working. I’m guilty of that and I think we all are to some degree.

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All images copyright Mitch Hill.