Interview with: Andy Hardy

Andy Hardy is an Australian photographer and filmmaker specialising in wedding and adventure photography. We are featuring an amazing selection of images from Andy’s portfolio showcasing how he builds his love of photographing people in to both of these quite distinct genres.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first got started in photography.
I got started shooting landscapes while I was growing up in Tasmania. As I learnt more about composition and shot more and more of everything, I started documenting my friends skating and riding BMX, which was my first introduction to documenting people, which is what I pretty much do full time!

Your folio is a great mix of wedding and adventure photography; do you have a favourite style?
My favourite would have to be working with people, whether its at a wedding or on a random adventure shoot. I think, more than anything, I have worked out I am a people photographer. I still thoroughly enjoy landscapes and action sports, but I believe that’s why I have been drawn to weddings. I think it’s the best training for any photographer to master their craft. Shooting any events, not just weddings, teaches you to be good at every aspect of photography (or filmmaking if you make films too!) – learning to be on your toes and document what’s happening, capture nice wide landscapes, the documentary aspect of shooting people, the action of shooting fast moving kids, shooting the still life details that are a part of the story, and portraits of people throughout the day! All of this lets you try on all the different hats, only now am I being drawn more towards adventure films and photography. I have been working with clients like Squarespace shooting their involvement in the Photo Field Trip camp, all the way to clients like Apollo campers, who we just spent two weeks traveling through New Zealand shooting for!

Shooting weddings always strikes me as a tough gig; so much nervous excitement/tension in the air and one chance to get it right. How do you approach your wedding shoots and what are your tips for success?
Always have back-up bodies/lenses/cards, bring snacks and document it how you feel! Create the story you see, do the safe shots when you’re starting but, as you find out what you like to shoot, shoot more of that, and only show that work on your site! You will always get backyard weddings if you only show backyard weddings; if you want to shoot a particular style of wedding, or anything for that matter, find a way to shoot one. If you want to do mountain and adventure photography, go shoot the stuff and nail it to get more of that sort of work. Same goes for any creative niche in any industry!

Which single image are you most proud of and why?
Probably an image I took of my friend Mike walking out across a frozen lake. The picture doesn’t really capture the size of the mountains but, man, Canada is definitely one of my favourite places.


What would be your dream photography assignment?
I think I have already been shooting some of them! The last two major assignments I have had have involved traveling to the States to shoot, and traveling to NZ. We also did a wedding in India this year! Traveling for my job has been pretty awesome but you definitely can’t beat working with just darn awesome people. I’m just finishing a film for my buddy Free the Bird. He is an amazing photographer that I have looked up to for a long time and getting to see the process behind his work was rad.

What is next for you? Are you working on any projects that you can tell us about?
I’m heading back to the States with my partner in crime Jackie to give a talk on how to get started in filmmaking. We are also working on a Melbourne workshop teaching the same things; it will involve editing and some hand-held shooting techniques that I use in all of my films. Along with that you can keep updated on Instagram for loads more winter adventures along with the random people pics that have been happening lately!

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