What I love about Emmanuel Monzon’s photography is his ability to capture a sense of absolute emptiness in an environment that was built for heavy use. Signs of life but not a soul in sight. I challenge you not to stare deeper in to each image, desperate to find a human being – it’s like eating a sugar-coated donut without licking your lips – it is impossible not to. We are featuring images from Emmanuel’s ongoing Urban Sprawl series including new images from Los Cabos and Ellensburg. The series seeks to explore those transitional spaces where cities become suburbs and suburbs become open country all the while finding beauty in the emptiness. Enjoy…

Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Austin – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Los Cabos – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Los Cabos – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Los Cabos – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Ellensburg – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Ellensburg – Emptiness
Urban Sprawl: Ellensburg – Emptiness

See more of Emmanuel’s work at:

Website / Instagram / Tumblr

All images copyright Emmanuel Monzon.

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