Emerging: Rebecca Dimovski

Rebecca Dimovski is an emerging portrait and wedding photographer based in Melbourne. We are featuring a beautiful selection of work from Rebecca’s folio and we chat about her process for building mood and emotion in to a still portrait. Enjoy…


Why do you photograph? What was it that first got you interested in photography?
Photographing gets me up in the morning; like people who love that fresh hit of coffee before doing anything else for the rest of the day, there isn’t one moment I don’t think about capturing what’s around me. I think people have lost the sense of their surroundings and how truly beautiful we have it, and I love to create. I often people watch and have no shame in walking up to someone and letting them know I’d love to create something beautiful with them in front of the lens. That’s how I’ve made a few of my best friends actually, so I’m beyond thankful for photography being a platform that is more than just art, it’s my life. I’ve held a camera in my hand since before I could remember and, as a kid, my family would go on European vacations every four years. Seeing the different cultures and landscapes, the lifestyles and people that live across the world, I wanted embrace it and share what I found beautiful with everyone else. I really got the knack for trying to improve how I shot an image after I discovered photographers like Cindy Sherman and Mary Ellen Mark which then led to my love for artists like Warhol and Dali, so I wanted to push myself to create things in a surreal way. The rest is all history, new things just keep popping up, allowing my love for photography to grow.

How would you define your style and what do you want your images to say to the viewer?
My style is very moody; I love setting emotion within an image to compliment my model/subject. You could say a few of my images are film noir inspired, that’s why quite a lot of them are vivid or involve a lot of contrast. I want my images to speak volumes to my viewers, seeing how I created a story but leaving it up to the people viewing it to imagine their own.

Who or what are your main sources of inspiration?
Haha! I think I’ve already started answering that! My partner and I have recently started shooting weddings together, and I feel that the couple’s energy on their special day is definitely a huge inspiration. The day is just filled with so much love and emotion it gets me excited to pinpoint and grab all of that energy and bring it into a photo. I shoot a lot of females and what inspires me most about that is the confidence they find in creating something with me and using their bodies is just phenomenal. I love having shot different types of body, each is so different and unique, just like one snowflake not being the same as another.

Which single image are you most proud of and why?
This is truly a tough one! I’m proud of quite a lot of them! Although one that screams out at me the most has to be the image of Michelle in the pine forest out at Woodend. That entire ordeal was just magical, and what made the image was Michelle having an input of how she wanted the final product to look; it’s her image just as much as it is mine! From the white sheet she carefully draped around her body to the fog wrapped around us while I took the photo… it was just such a breeze.


You primarily use daylight/natural light sources in your photography; what is it about this lighting style that appeals to you most?
It’s totally unpredictable! The sun has a way of casting the most delicate and soft light on a model to the harshest shadow during different times in one day, so I can develop different stories in one set of images all by just trusting the weather.

What is next for you? Are you working on any projects that you can tell us about?
As I said earlier, my partner (@mga.pxl) and I have started shooting weddings/events together, and it would mean the world to me if it really kicks off. I’d love for it to be a primary source of income. I still do love creating my personal work too; I’m in the process of putting a photo book together celebrating different cultures around the world, but the catch is it’ll all be shot in Australia. I’m trying to think outside the box, I want to be able to cater for a lot more than just portraiture in the photography world, so it’s projects like this that keep me going!

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