Folio: It’s 11:00am And I’m Still In My Dressing Gown by Jarred Mullenger

Jarred Mullenger is a Melbourne photographer whose art gives us an insight into his personal life, exploring the ideas of family and the domestic. Mullenger photographs the relations with his family and the surrounding space with an emotive aesthetic. ‘Its 11:00am and I’m still in my dressing gown’ focuses on the dynamics in Jarred’s family home and interprets his view on the family aura in the household, looking at the changes that have occurred over time:

‘Lead by my curiosity, I reveal the rise in a strong female presence in the house following the separation of my parents and the repercussions it has had on me. It’s interesting, living in a house that was built by my father, that has ultimately ended up being a female dominant house. Pastel colours, floral prints and a good room for my Mother’s special ornaments, all represent the overarching strength of the female influence. Family photographs hang on the white walls above me, featuring my father and a family; smiling, complete and full of warmth – they are reminiscences of the past. And through this project, I begin to accept the family dynamics and the disconnect that has established over time; instead fearing for what lies ahead outside of these four walls’.

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All images copyright Jarred Mullenger.