Folio: 70-75 by Tom Sebastiano

’70-75′ is our latest folio from London-based photographer Tom Sebastiano. Tom specialises in portraiture and landscape photography but has a life-long passion for cars – particularly those built between 1970 and 1975 – an era of automotive design that resonates with Tom, him being a child of the ’70s himself. Tom describes his approach to this series as an ‘automotive portrait’ – looking to really capture the character of each car. Enjoy…

Chrysler Valiant Charger RT 1971
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV 1972
BMW 3.0 CSi 1975
Buick Wildcat 1970
Citroen SM 1973
Jensen Interceptor 1974

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Also check out Tom’s Blog – a really good read!

All images copyright Tom Sebastiano.