Folio: Anne Beentjes

Anne Beentjes is a documentary portrait photographer from Amsterdam now living and working in Mexico. Photography is Anne’s way out of her comfort zone; her camera leads her to the unknown – alien places and ‘other’ people living a life different to hers – a constant theme in her work. Anne believes that she can create a more universal self by interacting with subjects from  different social and cultural groups and that, by creating something beautiful together, there will be more unity. At the start of a project there might be a level of discomfort but, through communication and honesty, a connection arises between the photographer and her subject. Anne recently won third prize at the San José International Photography Competition, Uruguay with a project about a transgender couple. Her work has been published across various media platforms in The Netherlands as well as in Mexico. The images in this folio all revolve around the central themes of gender and identity and are taken from series’ shot during Anne’s studies at Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Enjoy…

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All images copyright Anne Beentjes.