Palace Karma is a personal editorial piece from London-based photographer Finnegan Travers: “I’m not one to shy away from love, so I guess this project embodies my feelings towards the subject – Ella Dallaglio – with a massive underbelly of relationships. We had planned a trip to Lisbon months before but never got round to it until when we did”. Enjoy…

“Our park. We spent quite a bit of time here reading and watching the strange happenings – from two junkies screaming at one another, to an oversized dog trying to fuck a tiny one.”

“As we returned from the beach we saw a group of cats smoking a joint between them. This one girl, long, curly, dark hair decided to partake. The sound that followed was a familiar one and somewhat tickled my funny bone: uncontrollably coughing her lungs out. I wasn’t so surprised because she looked about 12.”

See more of Finnegan’s work at:

Website / Instagram

All images copyright Finnegan Travers.

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