Folio: Unspoken Places by Babis Kougemitros

In his series Unspoken Places, Greek photographer Babis Kougemitros explores uncharted urban and peri-urban  aspects of contemporary reality, with a glimpse that is mainly personal:

“The photographic depiction of the Attica landscape is neither objective nor representative. We encounter these landscapes quite often, we even cross them on a daily basis and yet rarely do we observe or take pictures of them. They are neither beautiful nor ugly and definitely not photogenic. They are not destined to be seen, except maybe as a blur through the car window or like a background to our daily routine. These places have no name and reveal no secrets to passers-by, they do not tell their story to strangers. These places are no tourist attractions. They owe their existence to human activities or failures, they owe their charm to their deafening silence and contradictions. They constitute an alternative aspect of my country, the place where I exist.”

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All images copyright Babis Kougemitros.