Folio: The Blue Room by Joeri Borst

Joeri Borst is a photographer living in a small town near Utrecht in the Netherlands. Working primarily in B&W, photography is his way of stripping away the unnecessary, leaving only the essence.

“In the middle of the Netherlands is the Blue Room, a nature reserve at the northern banks of the river Rhine. It is a nursery for many birds and a place where nature can roam free. For several years, I have been wandering about the Blue Room, to slowly open my eyes and start seeing nature afresh. In our modern urban society, being in touch with nature is an experience that’s no longer part of our daily life. Where are we still able to get a little lost and then figure out the way back? With my project ‘The Blue Room’ I’ve been allowed to lose myself in nature and in return, it has fed my imagination in unexpected ways.”

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All images copyright Joeri Borst.