Folio: Beside the Water by Eduardo Mazzeo

Eduardo Mazzeo is an architect and photographer from Montevideo, Uruguay. He enjoys the interaction between his two passions, architecture and photography; the photographic records used in construction often helping him resolve design and architecture-related issues and, in turn, the construction site providing him with an endless source of photo essays. For this featured folio, Eduardo switches from the man-made to the natural:

“The leitmotif of this series is the presence of water in nature. The natural scenery bordering rivers, streams, lakes or the ocean itself, have a special magic. A different light acts upon these mirrors depending on the weather. Sometimes the scenario is glossy and there are reflections and, some other times, there is a gloomy, grayish sky and a heavy atmosphere. The same scenario provides different compositions, depending on climatic factors and hours. Coastal elements are part of the composition; these can range from a tree to an old dock, one has to simply observe, interpret them and make them play their role in the scene. To capture the circles or waves of a struggling insect which has fallen into the water, the curly surface shaped by the wind or the magnificent shapes created by the clouds over the water and their reflections. The big waves crashing into rocks, jetting their white foam several meters high upon the beach, making you feel the ocean’s saltpeter in the air. It is about taking time to enjoy the grace of fur seals, many of them cooling in the water, others sunbathing on the rocks. Being able to listen, watch their movements… record.”


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All images copyright Eduardo Mazzeo.