Folio: NEVER EMPTY by Claudia Ioan

Claudia Ioan is an Italian photographer and visual story-teller. She was born in Rome and now lives in Perugia, Italy where she works as a photographer, translator and university professor of Linguistic Mediation. She is committed to travel photography, candid portraiture and, most of all, reportage and story-telling; producing photographic series’ in which the image works together with the written word, of which she is also the author.

She is the co-founder, together with Massimiliano Tuveri, of OFFICINE CREATIVE ITALIANE, a laboratory of creative communication through words and photographs; producing photographic projects (also on assignment), quality content for firms and organising and managing photographic events, workshops, classes, exhibitions and contests.

We are featuring one of Claudia’s recent series, NEVER EMPTY, shot on location in the Villaggio Olimpico, Rome.



As if human shadows were hidden in the light.

On the threshold of that light,

Where a sky only

Can silence

The upward flight of green.

See more of Claudia’s work at:

Bēhance / Instagram /Officine Creative Italiane

All images and words copyright Claudia Ioan.