Folio: Unbekannten

Behind Unbekannten is Loida Fernández, photographer and artist born and based in Tenerife, a mysterious volcanic island surrounded by the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Freud speaks of a part of our psychic process that is beyond the pleasure principle and that, next to the instinct of conservation or self-preservation, there is in us an inevitable impulse towards death and towards the unknown. Unbekannten in German means ‘unknown’ (plural).

Starting from this premise, Unbekannten creates her own conceptual ‘dress code’ in the form of three motifs that are repeated throughout her work: ‘Solitude is a state of mind’, ‘Luminous Dark’ and ‘Melancholy is a reflective sadness’. Unbekannten explores through her images the twilight of the mind, bringing to the surface the unknowns and deepest feelings of the human being, not always pleasant nor luminous. The boundary between beauty and the grotesque diffuses on both sides of the threshold.


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All images copyright Loida Fernández / Unbekannten.