Folio: KLOUDZ by Julia Khoroshilov

Julia Khoroshilov is an Asbury Park-raised, NYC-based photographer. Her focus lies in capturing moments, finding beauty in unconventional places and revealing sides of people that the camera lens has never seen. Julia is a firm believer that you do not need crazy equipment to capture an image, almost all of her work is shot on the 35mm Minolta point-and-shoot that she carries with her at all times. Julia’s work has been featured in L’Officiel USA, Vogue Italia and more. She currently assists director Sean Frank and works as a producer for his content studio, VISJ.

The series we are featuring, KLOUDZ, was shot behind-the-scenes during the production of the short film by the same name by Marie Ramos.


See more of Julia’s work at:

Website / Instagram / The Polaroid Project

All images copyright Julia Khoroshilov.