Folio: Pictionary by Harebell Suzuki

Harebell Suzuki is a Brazilian photographer and filmmaker now living in Berlin. Defining her photographic style as quite eclectic and experimental, Harebell creates series’ based on her travels; for each particular location choosing to experiment with her style based on the energy she gets from the environment – something she calls atmospheric photos.

The series of images featured here were shot during a return visit to Brazil; they form part of a larger project called Pictionary. Learning new words from the different countries she travels to, Harebell pairs the images with the words or phrases she feels best fit. Initially, the English translation was included, but now it is deliberately omitted in order to leave more room for the viewer to make their own interpretation based on the image, the sound of the word and their own personal experience. So far, Harebell has created Pictionary series’ in Vietnamese, Portuguese and Yawanawa, the indigenous language of a tribe living in the Brazilian Amazon. She plans further Pictionaries in Greek, Italian and Ethiopian Dialects.

“I went back to Brazil at the end of last year for the first time since moving to Berlin. I decided to visit as many places as possible, from the Amazon to Rio de Janeiro. For the photos from the Amazon, where I visited the indigenous Yawanawa tribe, I have experimented with framing the pictures with colour and placing them in different areas of the frame in order to transmit the organic feeling the forest gave me: everything has its place, but this place is not always centered and the aesthetics not always clean – there, every being flows with their intuition and instinct, the spirits are free.”


Posto de Gasolina
Verde, Vermelho, Azul e Amarelo

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All images copyright Harebell Suzuki.