Caroline Ruffault is a French photographer whose first taste of film photography was at the age of 12, working in the darkroom to avoid lunch at the middle school cafeteria.

Four years ago, Caroline moved from Paris to Austin, Texas and bought an old 35mm Rolleiflex to make sense of what seemed a strange world and fell in love again with the magic of film, the surprises and the accidents, the wait and the sweetness of the grain. Rediscovering her old Paterson tanks, Caroline began experimenting with expired film and developing in film soups.

The Female Gaze was the starting point for Caroline’s new magazine SHEGAZES in which artists and photographers will gather to create new images of women and establish new rules about how women are represented in literature, art, media and fashion.


See more of Caroline’s work at:

Website / Instagram

All images copyright Caroline Ruffault.

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