Exclusive: Photo/Foto Salon #1 – Doorways

Welcome to Salon #1, the first in a series of quarterly curated features where we invite photographers to respond to an open theme.

For this, our first Salon feature, we set a theme of ‘Doorways’ and put out an open call on Instagram for photographers to interpret this theme as broadly as possible – and we were not disappointed. From the hundreds of entries, we have selected 14 of our favourite images and interpretations.

Doorways was a very deliberate choice of theme for this first Salon; to me, it represents a beginning, crossing a threshold in to something new and exciting, opening a door to new opportunities. Of course, that is just my interpretation; and, from the entries, it is clear that it means many more things to you.

Be sure to click through the links to see more from each of the featured photographers and keep your eyes peeled for our next call for entries for Salon #2 coming very soon.



Brooke Morison

A photograph by photographer Brooke Morison as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Brooke Morison.

Brooke Morison is an Australian photographer whose images, shot entirely on film, evoke both a sense of nostalgia and of wanderlust.


Claudia Kraus

A photograph by photographer Claudia Kraus as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Claudia Kraus.

Claudia Kraus is a visual artist living and working in Vienna who focuses on expanded sensual perception of nature and mental landscapes. She particularly reflects on the topics absence/presence and the meaning of relations.


Download the Park

A photograph by photographers Download The Park as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Download the Park.

Paul and Nada are Download the Park; a multidisciplinary couple from Sydney with a focus on the darker end of the spectrum.

This image comes from a study of artificial weather patterns and alternate realms and was conceived with the help of a fog machine, projector and animated gifs.


Francesco Romero

A photograph by photographer Francesco Romero as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Francesco Romero.

Francesco Romero is a photographer based in Italy whose work focuses on themes of absence, decay and isolationism from a graphical and geometrical point of view. He is fascinated by the dystopic aspect of everyday life, decontextualizing details, landscapes, architecture, allowing them to stand alone as alien images.


Gabriela Gleizer

A photograph by photographer Gabriela Gleizer as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Gabriela Gleizer.

Gabriela Gleizer is a photographer based in Jerusalem whose ongoing projects are a document of the multi-faceted and diverse society within the city.

This image was taken inside the former Ethiopian Consulate building in Jerusalem, built in 1928 with funds provided by the Ethiopian Empress Zauditu. It now functions as a common residential building.


Greg Piazza

A photograph by photographer Greg Piazza as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Greg Piazza.

Greg Piazza is an award winning photographer and painter based in Dallas, Texas. Greg’s work is frequently featured in online contemporary and fine art publications and he has won several national awards including The National: Best of Contemporary Photography 2018. The constant need to simplify life influences his minimalist artworks.



A photograph by photographer Loida Fernandez as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Loida Fernández / Unbekannten.

Unbekannten is Loida Fernández, photographer and artist born and based in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Loida’s work explores the inevitability of death and the unknown.


Martin Ruckert

A photograph by photographer Martin Ruckert as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Martin Ruckert.

Martin Ruckert is a 25 year old photographer living in Leipzig, Germany. Martin is currently studying media education with a focus on photography. The featured photo was taken in Calcutta during a one year trip to India.


Melissa Stewart

A photograph by photographer Melissa Stewart as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Melissa Stewart.

Melissa Stewart is currently in her third year of a professional photography diploma at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, Australia, something that she sees is a journey helping her to develop further as a photographer.


Rachel Tanugi Ribas

A photograph by photographer Rachel Tanugi as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Rachel Tanugi Ribas.

Rachel Tanugi Ribas is half French/half Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro and raised between Rio and Paris. Rachel studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography at Parsons in NYC before moving back to Rio de Janeiro to pursue work as a unit photographer for the advertising and movie industry.


Ryan Akerberg

A photograph by photographer Ryan Akerberg as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Ryan Akerberg.

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Ryan Akerberg is a small business owner and film photographer. Growing up in the Midwest, with all that wide open space, formed what would become his photographic esthetic. At the age of 26, he found the West Coast and has remained in San Francisco ever since. His Iowa roots continued to guide him, always enjoying solitude and the open spaces of his youth when searching for something to photograph. Even when photographing people in the city streets, he tries to isolate the subject in a way that might show their vulnerability and sometimes their loneliness.


Sven Van Driessche

A photograph by photographer Sven Van Driessche as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Sven Van Driessche.

Sven Van Driessche is a Belgian photographer working mainly with expired Polaroid films. Sven’s passion for photography encompasses travel, music and fine-art nudes. His chosen interpretation of this theme was the mirror as a doorway to the soul.


Tom Sebastiano

A photograph by photographer Tom Sebastiano as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Tom Sebastiano.

Based in London, Tom Sebastiano uses photography to document the people and places that surround him, from deserted tube stations and the local hair salon to portraits of vintage cars and empty urban landscapes.

“My photography is planned, but not down to the finest detail; it is often just a combination of previously seen locations with imagined scenarios, weather, people, time and light. It’s simply the result of ideas in my mind, waiting for the right opportunity.”


Wong Wei-him

A photograph by photographer Wong Wei Him as published in Photo/Foto Magazine
Image copyright Wong Wei Him.

Wong Wei-him is street photographer and architect based Hong Kong.

“I used to take photos as inspiration for my design projects, and I always carry my camera wherever I go, looking for beautiful architecture, spaces and details.  It wasn’t until I came across the magnificent works of elite photographers Elliott Erwitt and Shin Noguchi, so peculiar in the way they look at their culture and humanity, that I decided to make street photography a second passion of my life.”