I have set up a Patreon page to help build the Photo/Foto platform; currently it is just me behind the scenes and I try to fit this in around my day job. I would love to be able to generate sufficient funds through Patreon to cover the operating costs of the site (hosting etc) and to keep the site ad free.

Thank you for taking time to check out the Photo/Foto Magazine page on Patreon (you can click either image on this page). It means that you care about the content that I am putting together for you and, in turn, that means the world to me.

Most importantly, your contributions will allow me to begin to commission writers and content creators to produce exclusive articles and features.

Photo/Foto Magazine – a brief history

Photo/Foto Magazine was established in July 2015 as a platform for emerging photographers to publish their work online. I wanted to build a magazine that could be a resource for all photographers regardless of the genre in which they worked or their level of experience.

My motivation is simple; I have been in the same place, I struggled to get my work published in the beginning and I didn’t have access to resources and communities that could have helped.

I try to publish three articles per week and, to date, there are over 300 articles on this site. Currently, the majority of the articles are featured folios and photographer interviews with a few exhibition and products reviews for good measure.

My next step for the magazine is to increase the number of photographer interviews and to boost the volume of educational posts. I would particularly like to offer tutorials from established photographers that cover the technical aspects of photography as well as advice on how to successfully operate a photography business.

My big dream for the magazine is to grow the publishing platform to allow emerging photographers to produce and sell folios/zines and open-edition print runs directly from the magazine website – with all profits going directly to the photographer.

Where will your contribution go?

The important bit! With your support, I will use your contribution to:

  • Keep the magazine free of ads
  • Cover the operating costs including hosting and domain fees
  • Begin to commission high quality exclusive content

What are the benefits?

I’ll be honest, at this stage, I cannot offer much more than my sincere thanks as a reward for your support. That said, I will be reviewing each tier over the next few months and will ensure that all current supporters receive the benefits linked to your tier irrespective of when you signed up.

I will be setting up a Supporters page here and my plan is that all supporters will be credited (unless you request not to be).

Thanks for getting this far down the page and thank you for your ongoing support of the magazine – it really does mean a lot to me.

Thank you,