Editorial: Stellair by Chris Ecker

Stellair is the latest editorial from Vienna-based fashion photographer Chris Ecker. This stunning editorial is styled by Mario Novak and features beautiful Verena Strunz. Enjoy… Credits Photographer: Chris Ecker | Website / Instagram Model: Verena Strunz | Instagram Stylist: Mario Novak | Instagram H&MU: Diana Mayrhuber / PowderPuff | Website / Instagram All images copyright […]

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Editorial: Where do you see yourself? by Matteo Galvanone

‘Where do you see yourself?’ is our second editorial feature from Milan-based photographer Matteo Galvanone. Featuring model Valentina Georgia Pegorer, the series takes it cues from the current interest from luxury brands in all things streetwear. Enjoy… Credits Photographer: Matteo Galvanone | Tumblr / Instagram Model: Valentina Georgia Pegorer | Instagram Stylist: Giulia Bandioli | […]

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Editorial: Wounded Rhymes by Román Gómez

Mexico City photographer Román Gómez brings us a colourful debut editorial, ‘Wounded Rhymes’, featuring the beautiful Daria Eremenok. Enjoy… Credits: Photography: Román Gómez | Website / Instagram Model: Daria Eremenok @ GH Management | Instagram Styling: Diana Delgado | Instagram All garments courtesy Paloma Lira | Instagram H&MU: Carls Jee | Instagram Photography Assistant: Gio […]

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Editorial: Before the Storm by Corentin Bertau

Shot on a windswept beach in Biarritz on the South-West coast of France, ‘Before the Storm’ is our first editorial from French fashion and portrait photographer Corentin Bertau. Enjoy… Credits: Photography: Corentin Bertau | Website / Instagram Model: Kenza Serra @ VIP Models | Instagram Styling: Gaëlle Agudo | Instagram H&MU: Rebecca Grandmaison | Instagram […]

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Editorial: Nocturnal Animal by Ethan Covey

Nocturnal Animal was shot on location in a converted bank building in Williamsburg using medium format film stock and only a handheld flashlight for additional lighting. Photographed by Ethan Covey and featuring model Daniella Chappella, this is an exercise in beautiful simplicity. Enjoy… Credits: Photography: Ethan Covey | Website / Instagram Model: Daniella Chappella | […]

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Editorial: All I Want by Daniela Benzin

Daniela Benzin is a self-taught photographer based near Nuremberg, Germany with a passion for film photography. All I Want is Daniela’s first editorial with us (hopefully the first of many…) and features model Emily Bezold. Enjoy… Credits: Photography: Daniela Benzin | Website / Instagram Model: Emily Bezold | Instagram H&MU: Jenny Eitner | Instagram All […]

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Editorial: London Days by Lisa-Marie Kaspar

Lisa-Marie Kaspar is a graphic design student and photographer living in Germany. London Days, Lisa-Marie’s first editorial with us, was shot on a recent visit to London and features designs from LCF graduate Andrada Bodea. Enjoy… Credits: Photography: Lisa-Marie Kaspar | Website / Instagram Designer: Andrada Bodea | Website / Instagram Model: Marianna Toka | […]

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Editorial: The Land of the Soda Pop and the Home of the Peanut Butter by Hannes Mörk

The Land of the Soda Pop and the Home of the Peanut Butter is our first feature from Swedish photographer Hannes Mörk. Shot entirely on film, the series documents a roadtrip that Hannes took last summer together with a group of friends along the West Coast of the United States. “The zine/story is a full […]

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