SOMEJETTE is the pseudonym of 23 year old Italian photographer Martina Cavinato. Currently studying visual arts at IUAV University in Venice, a life-long love of photography is now expanding in to video art and performance. “In this series entitled ‘Youth’, I wanted to question the struggles of growing up, the feeling of not being right […]

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Freaks by Federica Bernardi

Federica Bernardi is an Italian photographer whose passion for the medium began while photographing concerts in which her boyfriend was performing. Photography became a way for her to build relationships with other girls, something that she had previously found difficult and that had always felt superficial. This process evolved in to a new way of […]

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Sergey Berezyuk

Sergey Berezyuk is a 26 year old analogue photographer and artist from Minsk, Belarus. His film work uses multiple exposure techniques to create dreamlike portraits and landscapes. “It’s something about dreams and music, about youth and the beauty around, about sincerity and space, about loneliness and self-flagellation, about love and passion, about insecurity and invisible […]

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The Centre of Spare-time Activities by Benjamin Le Brun

This ever-so-slightly surreal series comes from French photographer Benjamin Le Brun. With a background in Urban Planning, it is no surprise that the ever-expanding shopping mall is a source of fascination for Benjamin. They are no longer just a collection of shops, but now aim to attract and cling on to their customers with all […]

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