Folio: Of A Man-Altered Landscape by Ethan Covey

Our second feature from photographer Ethan Covey is titled ‘Of A Man-Altered Landscape’ – a series of diptychs consisting of photographs taken during a recent visit to Providenciales, the most populated island of the Turks & Caicos archipelago. Unlike most photographic views of the area, the work doesn’t focus on white sand and blue water; […]

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Folio: Discovering Locations by Rhiannon Hopley

Discovering Locations is a photo-series from Sydney-based artist and photographer Rhiannon Hopley: “Discovering Locations stems from my exploration in these lost landscapes, illustrating the hidden memory of our surroundings at a deeper, emotive level. Each work is titled with a name but also given the geographical coordinates of the location. This embeds a sense of […]

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