Folio: Kala Barba-Court

Kala Barba-Court was born in the Philippines and now lives and works in Moscow, Russia. A freelance interior photographer by profession, Kala enjoys the process of slowing things down for her personal projects, preferring to shoot in analogue format. Kala is editor of and and regularly contributes to “I move countries a […]

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Folio: Izzy Trott

Izzy Trott is a photographer and writer based in Manchester in the UK. Izzy grew up in the rural south west of England before moving to the industrial city of Manchester in the north west. Shifting between these two extremes and observing their opposing paces of life has greatly informed her photography. I am featuring […]

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Folio: Ildiko with Plants by Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil

Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil is an artist born in Paris, now living and working in Montreal. She is versed in cinema, philosophy and the history of art and previously worked in the Musée d’Orsay before devoting herself to photography and photographic post-production. Female portraiture and nature photography represent a large part of Anne-Claire’s work; in […]

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