Folio: Yai Deng

Yai Deng is a nineteen year old emerging photographer and filmmaker whose family fled from civil war in South Sudan and emigrated to Texas where he was born. He is currently studying filmmaking at college in Connecticut, the influences of which definitely lend a very cinematic and surreal style to his photography. “I come from […]

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Editorial: Vacuum by Federica Lampone & Giorgia Marcucci

Vacuum by Federica Lampone & Giorgia Marcucci A FEELING OF GREAT SPIRITUAL ANGUISH, OFTEN WITHOUT A SPECIFIC CAUSE, A DESIRE WITHOUT AN OBJECT. INNER PAIN AND MELANCHOLY, VAGUE RESTLESSNESS AND SENSE OF NOSTALGIA. Credits Photographers: Federica Lampone | Instagram & Giorgia Marcucci | Instagram Model: Nicolò Santi | Instagram Stylist: Matteo Fagiolo | / […]

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